Cuộc Sống

Niềm Tin và Hy Vọng

Nghệ Thuật Tỉa Hoa

Celery daffodils
Poinsettias wreath
Fruits & vegetables
Zucchini flower
Banana leave/celery
Birds and flowers (vegetables carving)
Sea shell (vegetables carving)
Pumpkin basket
Bird (vegetables carving)
Dragon (vegetables carving)
Mermaid (vegetables carving)
Fancy carrot flowers (vegetables carving)
Pumpkin basket (vegetables carving)
Fruit and Vegetables carving
Fruit and Vegetables carving
Baby carriage (fruit carving)
Melon bird
Orange bird
Fruit basket
Daisy boat
Melon button
Feathery peacock
Purple orchid
Butterfly centerpiece
Melon basket
Melon boat
Melon display
Zucchini fish
Daikon cake
Broccoli bouquet
Lotus plate
Zucchini bouquet

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